Couples’ Reflections

June 14, 2013 Rev. Clair Clair's Musings

June is the popular month of weddings!  I have a wedding tomorrow where I will be the officiate.  What a joy it is to see the expectant, lovely faces of the couple as well as those of the guests.  The anticipation is overwhelming!  One of the aspects of marriage that is so important is that couples are called make their life a sign of Christ’s love to this broken world, and to reach out to others.

I invite you, as a couple, to spend some time together, remembering your wedding day with as much detail as possible.  After that, take turns reminding the other of the times you have been a sign of Christ’s love to this broken world.

Remember the times you have reached out to others, either to other couples or to individuals together for encouragement, support, compassion.

I invite you to celebrate all that you are as a couple, including the rough bits, and all that you are becoming.  Celebrate this new day and new chapter in your life together.

Happy marriage,Clair+

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