Marriage Adventures

Vision and Mission

The vision for “Marriage: An Adventure in Progress” is to support, equip, and care for couples on this mysterious journey of a lifetime.

The mission for “Marriage:  An Adventure in Progress” is to provide a safe, non-threatening environment in which couples(and individuals) can take time out, affirm where they are in their marriage and lives, gain insights for the road ahead, and be energized physically and spiritually to continue.

Description of MAP

MAP is for all married couples or those planning to marry.  It has a strong Christian   basis.  MAP is for couples that want some time away to be with one another and want some continuing education in this great mystery.  Couples who are having difficulties may be helped by this course, but if the marriage is in crisis, it may be better to seek specific, professional counseling.

What does a MAP weekend look like?

The weekend can begin on Friday evening and end on Sunday.  There are various sessions that begin with a short introduction by Clair and Rainer after which the couple is given a series of questions to answer or a task to do for the remainder of that session.  No one is required to share anything with us.   The purpose of the weekend is for the couple to share together in private.  We are here, of course, at the disposal of our guests. The couple is invited to hike, ski (weather permitting), and enjoy at least one meal in a local restaurant.

The topics may include the two “I’s” which make up the “We”, God in-between, all areas of communication, forgiveness,  intimacy, and spirituality.  The weekend may culminate with a Eucharist celebrating and affirming the sacrament of marriage.

Our invitation:

This is a gift from Rainer and Clair.  Donations to further our ministry are gratefully accepted.

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